b'ERBID MARKETING HASNIGHTSREACHED MILLIONS OF UP POTENTIAL NEW VISITORSERBID1 Destination Marketing activity has to date reached 14.3 million people, through ongoing investment across a range of effective online and offline promotional activities including:Production of three new English Riviera TV Commercialsin 2018, 2019 and 2020London Mainline Train Station Advertisingin 2019 and 2020 Outdoor Regional Advertisingin 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020Production of two newEnglish Riviera Regional Radio Advertsin 2018 and 2020Investment in a newfully mobile world-class English Riviera Destination Website Repeated delivery of targeted Digital Marketing Campaigns including: Springtime Escapes, Summer Fun, Autumn Adventures and Christmastime on the Riviera Launched a new English Riviera YouTube channel that has seenDURATION4 million viewsand includes a number of newPromotionalUP Filmsproduced by the ERBID Company Worked with strategic marketing partners to secure additional financial support to launch Englands Seafood COASTand Englands Seafood FEASTAttended international Travel Events to promote the English Riviera OCCUPANCYincludingExplore GB andITB Berlin UP Designed and distributed300,000 Visitor PublicationsincludingFree Mapsand newVisitor Guides promoting Where to Stay, Where to Eat and Things to Dowww.englishrivierabid.co.uk / 11 /ERTB 16113 Business Plan 2020 (For 2022-2027).indd 11 25/01/2021 09:14'