b'WHATW IL L ER B ID2 DO?YOU HAVE TOLD US SO FAR THAT YOU WANT ERBID2 TO CONTINUE TO FOCUS ON DESTINATION MARKETING AND IN PARTICULAR TO INVEST IN NATIONAL ADVERTISING.IN RESPONSE WE ARE PROPOSING THAT THE ERBID2 BUSINESS PLAN SHOULD INCLUDE MANY OF THE MARKETING ACTIVITIES THAT WE HAVE SUCCESSFULLY DELIVERED IN THE FIRST TERM, BUT TO CONSIDER NEW MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES TOO.Please note that with the ongoing uncertainty of COVID-19 and its longer-term effects, some projects may need to be reviewed and adjusted accordingly. A FOCUSO N1.THE ENGLISHRIVIERA BRANDD ESTI NATI O NOperating as the official Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO) for Torbay, the ERBID Company MARKETI NGis the caretaker of the powerful and globally recognised English Riviera Brand. Consumer Research is continuing to highlight a growing interest in the Great Outdoors and it was with this in mind that a new logo carrying the caption ERBID2 will take responsibility for promotingNaturally Inspiring was introduced by the ERBID everything that a visitor can experience onCompany. This new logo will be available for allthe English Riviera, including Where to Stay,Levy Payers to use in their own marketing,Where to Eat and What to Do to maximize theas well as being promotedby the ERBID company.exposure of the 1,600 Levy Payers that ERBID2 will represent. In this section we highlight our provisional Destination Marketing plans for the second term which are dependent on a YES vote in the 2021 ballot. / 14 / ERBID PLAN 2022-2027ERTB 16113 Business Plan 2020 (For 2022-2027).indd 14 25/01/2021 09:14'