b"5.ENGLISH RIVIERA VISITOR7.PARTNERSHIP WORKINGINFORMATION SERVICEAND COLLABORATION You have told us that you really value the EnglishERBID2 represents a very exciting opportunity with Riviera Visitor Information Service and that you1,200 Tourism and Hospitality businesses working want ERBID2 to continue operating this Award- together to promote the English Riviera as one of the Winning Service, which we are planning to do.UKs Premier Resorts. ERBID2 will continue to reply to all Visitor EnquiriesContinued partnership working and collaboration will and produce free maps and visitor guides.continue to be critical moving forwards and a positive vote in support of ERBID2 will mean that we keep our official status as a DMO (Destination Management 6.RESEARCH, MONITORINGOrganisation) and our continued association with:AND EVALUATION Department of Culture Media Sport regular contact throughout COVID-19ERBID2 will build on the research, monitoringVisitEngland/VisitBritain (National Tourist Board)and evaluation that has been undertaken over regular national updatesthe last 10 years to provide a vital continuation in monitoring tourism trends including:National Tourism Alliance (our leading national THE MONTHLY ENGLISH RIVIERAlobbying body) MONITORSouth West Tourism Alliance (our regionallobbying body) Undertaken by an independent Tourism Research Company, the monthly data that this confidentialVisitDevon (our county DMO)linking us to survey provides helps the ERBID Company to reactVisitEngland and VisitBritain quickly to trends and provide vital informationGreat South West Tourism Partnershiprelating to COVID-19. (COVID-19 crisis partnership) NEWANNUAL VISITOR SURVEYSOur local MPfor lobbying support directlyRecognising that COVID-19 has had a major into Government impact on the marketplace and consumerEnglish Riviera Destination Managementbehaviour, a new annual Visitor Survey is Groupoverseeing the resort's development proposed to monitor consumer sentiments Torbay Councilincluding Tourismabout taking UK Staycations and their Cabinet Briefingsexpectations regarding products and services.TDA (Torbay Development Agency) COVID-19 Recovery and Business Support Torbay Business Forum including: Working Together and Torbay Together Forums/ 18 / ERBID PLAN 2022-2027ERTB 16113 Business Plan 2020 (For 2022-2027).indd 18 25/01/2021 09:14"