b'8.LEVY PAYERW HATIFYOUVOTENO ?COMMUNICATIONSERBID prides itself on being anA No vote will mean English Riviera Tourism and inclusive organisation that makesHospitality Businesses will lose a great many every Levy Payer and Partner feelbenefits that ERBID1 currently provides.involved and valued, and to have theHere are just a few examples:opportunity to share their experience and knowledge to support theLOST INVESTMENTsuccessful delivery of the ERBIDOver 3million in BID Levy would be lost to spend 5-year Business Plan.on Destination Marketing from 2022-2027.ERBID2 WILL: A LOSS OF MOMENTUM AND SUCCESS 1.Continue the ERBID FocusThe English Riviera would lose ground with other Groups including open invitationcompetitor BID destinations such as Blackpool, discussion groups for DestinationGreat Yarmouth, Yorkshire Coast, Lincolnshire Marketing, Accommodation,Coast and the Isle of Wight.Attractions, Events, Food and DrinkLOSS OF ENGLISH RIVIERA WEBSITE Businesses. AND SOCIAL MEDIA2.Continue the operation of theThe loss of a world-class website that attracts ERBID Business Website postingover one million users annually and extensive and industry information, regulartargeted social media campaigns that currently updates and ERBID company news. reach millions of prospective visitors. DESTINATION MARKETING, EVENTS 3.Provide ongoing ERBID BusinessAND PROMOTION WILL CEASEUpdates. During the COVID-19 crisis ERBID distributedA No vote would mean that this would all cease information on a daily basis relatingfrom January 2022 with the loss of our profile as a to both Lockdowns, the July 4thleading UK resort along with reduced footfall and opening, grants and businessvisitor spend.support available, utilising the upBUSINESS SUPPORT WILL DWINDLEto date ERBID Database, to ensure tourism businesses received vitalThe loss of a powerful and active body that works and valuable information. in the best interests of businesses. Particularly in post COVID-19 times, the loss of a powerful 4.Continue the ERBID Annualvoice in support and recovery work. Research and Tourism Exhibition andmonitoring will cease, impacting on our ability to Conference. This well-establishedcompete and bring in additional funding.annual tourism event has been staged by the ERBID Company for the past 4 years and it is proposedNO PLAN B5.that this annual event would" There is NO replacement body continue to be staged.Continue the ERBID Tourism Awards to showcase our verythat will deliver these services. best businesses encouragingThere is NO Plan B. participation in Regional andRemember Torbay Council National Awards. does not have any funds for a Destination Marketing function.www.englishrivie " 19 /rabid.co.uk / ERTB 16113 Business Plan 2020 (For 2022-2027).indd 19 25/01/2021 09:14'