b'K E Y CO NTE NTS TO U R I SM FACT SCHAIRMANS INTRODUCTION.3600M WHAT IS A BID? .4 Torbays Tourism and Hospitality sector generates NO VOTE AND YES VOTE CONSEQUENCES .6 approximately 600mof business turnoverper annum to benefit ERBID1 HAS DELIVERED .8-12 the local economyLISTENING TO YOU 13 120MWHAT WILL ERBID2 DO? .14-19is spent annually by THE ERBID AREA.20 visitors on food and drinkTHE ERBID2 LEVY .22ERBID2 BUDGET FORECAST .23ERBID GOVERNANCE AND MANAGEMENT.24 12,000FAQS 25Nearly 12,000 people POSITIVE PRAISE FOR ERBID .26 are employed locally in tourism BID RULES AND ERBID2 RENEWAL BALLOT .28INTRODUCING THE TEAM .30GET IN TOUCH .32 1,000Visitor spend directly benefits over 1,000 businesses and many more indirectly20%Over 20% of the local population work in the tourism industry/ 2 / ERBID PLAN 2022-2027ERTB 16113 Business Plan 2020 (For 2022-2027).indd 2 25/01/2021 09:14'