b'ERBID GOVERNANCEAND MANAGEMENTTHE ENGLISH RIVIERA BID COMPANY BOARD STRUCTUREAND BOARDThere will be 13 Company Directors, 7 elected,The English Riviera BID Company is a private sector led,4 co-opted and 2 fixed positions (Chief Executivenot-for-profit company and has been governed by a boardof the English Riviera BID Company and thecomprising of BID Levy Payers or equivalent voluntaryCouncil Officer responsible for Tourism).financial contributors, together with other key stakeholders. All BID Levy Payers and equivalent financial contributorsTHE ROLE OF TORBAY COUNCILare eligible to become members of the Company and consequently vote on Company matters and seek office. Torbay Council has voted unanimously to support Board Director positions are unpaid and voluntary andthe proposed English Riviera Business Improvement include a mix of all sectors of business that operate withinDistrict (ERBID), this means that: the BID area, as well as the necessary skills and experience1.Torbay Council will be responsible for required to deliver the Business Plan. overseeing the ballot, Levy collection and All Board positions are voted on through an election process.payment of the ERBID Levy to the English Invitations will go out to all BID businesses and voluntaryRiviera BID Company. financial contributors to become members of the Company2.Torbay Council will vote YES on all their own (a legal requirement).eligible properties/sites in the ballot, subject to Board Directors will be known to all businesses. There willthis final Business Plan. be regular updates via newsletters and e-bulletins. The3.Torbay Council will license free of charge the annual reports and accounts will be produced at the endofficial use of the English Rivera brand and of each year and available to members as well as TorbayURL: www.englishriviera.co.uk Councils Overview and Scrutiny Board. The agenda, budget4.Torbay Council will recognise that the ERBID papers and minutes of each ERBID board meeting will alsoCompany will take over responsibility for be displayed on the ERBID website. operating as the official Destination Marketing One of the Directors will be voted in as Chair. The Chair ofOrganisation (DMO) for Torbay and partner to the ERBID Board will be voted for by the 13 board membersVisit England/Britain. and can take a small stipend (up to 5,000 per annum) in5.Torbay Council is required to provide a recognition of the time required to undertake this role.baseline statement giving the details of the It will be a requirement that board members have all thebaseline services it provides and an operating necessary skills and knowledge to successfully drive theagreement for the collection, enforcement and operational side of the Company. Levy funds will be strictlypayment of the ERBID Levy. These agreements monitored by the board with all expenditure in line with thewill be available to Levy Payers on request. Business Plan. The English Riviera BID Company will continue to work in partnership with Torbay Council, Business and Tourism Groups, to harness the best from each organisation involved in the BID and make the most of their existing resources. ERBID2 will not replace the existence or services of any of these organisations. If successful at the renewal ballot the new term will commence on 1 January 2022. It will run for five years and then be required to seek renewal through a new ballot. / 24 / ERBID PLAN 2022-2027ERTB 16113 Business Plan 2020 (For 2022-2027).indd 24 25/01/2021 09:14'