b'ER B ID2 BALLOT All eligible businesses have the opportunity to vote A proxy vote is available, and details will be sent The ballot will be conducted through anout by the Returning Officer at Torbay Councilindependent, confidential postal vote conducted Ballot papers will be sent out to the appropriate by the Returning Officer at Torbay Council which organisation from 27 May 2021, to be returned no is the responsible body as determined by the later than 5pm on 24 June 2021BID legislation For ERBID2 to go ahead, two conditions mustEach eligible business ratepayer will have onebe met:vote in respect of each hereditament within the- More than 50% of businesses that vote must BID area, provided they are listed on the Nationalvote in favourNon-Domestic Rates List for the defined area - Of the businesses that vote, the yes votes must as provided by Torbay Council. Organisationsrepresent more than 50% of the total rateable occupying more than one hereditament will havevalue of all votes castmore than one votewww.englishrivierabid.co.uk / 29 /ERTB 16113 Business Plan 2020 (For 2022-2027).indd 29 25/01/2021 09:14'