b'I N T R ODU CT IONThe English Riviera Business Improvement District (ERBID1) came into being in January 2017 for its first 5-year term. Working on behalf of the 1,000+ eligible Tourism and Hospitality Businesses, the ERBIDs primary purpose is to fund ongoing, professionally coordinated, Destination Marketing activities to attract more visitorsall year round. Operated by the English Riviera BID Company with a Board of Directors (drawn from local business representatives who work on a voluntary basis) TIM GODFREY, CHAIRERBID1 has been driven by the private sector, with the belief that local ENGLISH RIVIERA BID COMPANY LTD businesses, working together, will have a more influential voice in shaping the future of our destination. 500,000 per annum is currently collected in ERBID Levy and this funds the Destination Marketing activity that you have requested, including National Advertising. You can review ERBID1 Destination Marketing activity on pages 8-12 of this document. Regrettably on December 31st 2021, ERBID1 will come to the end of its 5-year term and unless the majority of businesses want ERBID2 the English Riviera BID Company will close and all current activity, including National and Regional Advertising, the operation of the English Riviera website and English Riviera Visitor Information Service will stop.With the investment and rejuvenation that we are all seeing around us,a joint commitment for the need for ERBID2, I believe, is vital. The fact is, the English Rivieras Tourism and Hospitality industry is a pivotal part of our economy, providing thousands of livelihoods and we are all dependent on the 4.7 million visitors we attract each year. To secure ERBID2 we need to stage a renewal ballot in June 2021 and produce a new 5-year Business Plan on which eligible businesses will vote. This document represents the First Draft ERBID2 Business Plan and will form the basis of our consultation with you. Your feedback will then influence the content of the Final ERBID2 Business Plan, on which eligible businesses will vote.A lot is at stake, a YES vote would mean an estimated 4 million for marketing the resort from 20222027.A NO vote will mean that there will be no money available for Destination Marketing from January 2022. The fact is, local authority support for Destination Marketing, as a discretionary spend, has gone. In the wake of COVID-19 and our business environments ever more fragile, I believe that continuing to work in partnership, supporting one another and promoting the English Riviera brand professionally remains absolutely vital. As an eligible business please take the time to read this important Consultation Document.Yours sincerelyTim Godfrey Chair, English Riviera BID Company Ltd.www.englishrivierabid.co.uk / 3 /ERTB 16113 Business Plan 2020 (For 2022-2027).indd 3 25/01/2021 09:14'